The Fine Print (FAQ)


Our GLUTEN FREE cookies are made with ingredients that contain NO GLUTEN.
However, these cookies are made in our bakery where gluten containing products are produced. Not suitable for people with Celiac disease.


We offer many cookies that are made without nuts.
However, all of our cookies are made in our bakery where products containing nuts are produced and traces of nuts may be present.
If you have concerns about a food allergy, please consult with our Manager about the ingredients.


Due to the high demand for our classes, there will not be any refunds for anyone who misses a class. By the time the class is upon us, we’ve turned down many people who are interested in joining us because the class is “sold out.” Having a student cancel the week of or the day of does not give us enough time to resell that ticket. Tickets are, however, transferable. Thank you for your understanding.

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