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Rude Boy Cookies is a part of this community and we strongly believe in supporting the efforts of local charities/organizations. Throughout the year we partner with several local charities/organizations to help raise money and awareness for their causes through Cookies for a Cause FUNdraising events. We call them FUNdraisers because they are basically a party for your organization held at RBC where you get the chance to raise awareness for your organization AND raise money at the same time. And the more people you can bring to the party, the more awareness and money you can raise for your organization.

On one select day* per week we partner with a local organization. From 5-8pm on that day 15% of our totals sales are donated to support that organization!
If you are interested in partnering with Rude Boy Cookies for a Cookies for a Cause event please call us at 505-200-2235.
After a phone consultation we will contact you via email to discuss the following requirements that should be met in order to participate in a FUNraising event:

  1. Your organization must be not for profit.
  2. You must provide a short description of what your organization does and how they help the Albuquerque community.
  3. You must provide the number of active members, volunteers, board members & committee members.
  4. You must provide the number of how many people receive your email/newsletter.
  5. Tell us how you will bring in at least 50 supporters for your Cookies for a Cause event (the more people you can bring in to the event, the more successful it will be and the more money your organiztion can raise).
  6. You must provide a JPG or PDF copy of your organization logo.
  7. Your organization should be active on major social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ect) and attach site URL links.
  8. Your organization must create a Facebook event for your FUNdraiser.

*Most Cookies for a Cause FUNdraising events are one day only (from 5-8pm on that day 15% of our totals sales are donated) . However some SPECIAL FUNdraising events can last longer (weeks/month) and raise money with special cookies created specifically for that event.



Visit our Facebook Events page HERE to see all upcoming Cookies for a Cause events.



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