Daily Lobo Food column: Five favorite food joints satisfy student cravings

By Steve “Mo” Fye      Published 09/24/14 1:00am | Updated 09/23/14 9:27pm


The Bricklight District, centered on the first block of Harvard Drive SE, has experienced revitalization in the last few years, and the past several months have given the UNM community even more reasons to visit.


One of the newer additions is Torpedo Dog, located in the seemingly cursed storefront at 115 Harvard Drive SE. A number of small Mexican eateries tried and failed at the location over the last several years, but owner Damian Montoya is looking for success with a novel treat. Torpedo Dogs are a clever, handheld food. The bun is a small baguette toasted from the inside on a heated spike. The bun is then filled with any one of several sauces including red chile mustard, green chile and cheese or chipotle barbecue, and the sausage is stuffed in.