Cookie of the Month Club (1/2 DOZEN)


Choose 3, 6, or 12 Months

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Join the RBC Cookie of the Month Club today!
Or give it as a gift to the cookie lover in your life!

Sign up TODAY to receive delicious savings on Rude Boy Cookies award winning cookies! A collectable tin of cookies is automatically delivered to your door 3, 6, or 12 times a year – you choose! Each delivery includes 6 cookies in a stylish Rude Boy Cookies tin. Delicious deliveries ship the 1st week of the month. With RBC’s Cookie of the Month Club, you can have delicious treats automatically delivered to your (or anyone else’s) door, guaranteeing that a ska-rumptious cookie snack is available every month. Shipping is included in the RBC Cookies of the Month Club.

Flavors: Every month, you will be pleasantly surprised with new flavor(s) chosen and handcrafted by our “Baking Betty” Kristin Dowling!

3 Deliveries Per Year: $32/per month (3 x $32 = $96)

6 Deliveries Per Year: $29/per month (6 x $29 = $174)

SAVE $18 WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR 6 MONTHS (Regular price $192)

12 Deliveries Per Year: $26/per month (12 x $26 = $312)

SAVE $72 WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR 12 MONTHS (Regular price $384)

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